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ffNew How To - Fitting Radio to JeepsJohn McG has submitted a great article on fitting radios to WW2 Jeeps.


The article has lots of photos and heaps of details




ffRe-Rivetings GPW ChassisMany WW2 vintage vehicles show the effects of a hard life. Jeeps are no different from other vehicles in how they can wear or need repairs. The following article from Dallas and Barry E descibes their process.







autolite regulator NOSAutolite Regulator Adjustments Setting up a Voltage regulator maybe a skill you might not have. Find out by reading this article.




Jeep GPW Radio Supression Bond Straps To combat electrical interference of combat net radios installed in jeeps, Both Ford and Willys developed a comprehensive interference suppression solutions for thier vehiceles. The kits were very similar, Copper bonding straps and supression filters were used in a number of locations around the vehicle. The following article describes the details of the Ford GPW kit required for Type #1 suppression on Ford produced vehicle





autolite regulator NOSJeep Bolt ListThe Jeep Bolt list is a foundational document if your are restoring or repairing a WW2 Jeep. The file is in Excel format.
Download the file


autolite regulator NOSRepro Bolts for GPWs and MBsI recently followed up a lead for US made repro bolts. Tony W is making a range of bolts forjeeps. I have placed copies of his lists on our server. You can contact Tony direct and all the order details are on the sheets.


All the Ford bolts are Class 8, marked with a 'F" for Ford bolts unless stated otherwise. WIllys bolts are marked with "EC" or "TR20" as noted. Contact details for Tony are on the sheets.

Download the GPW List

Download the Mid-late MBList

Download the Early MB List


Visit to the Canungra MJCQ 2009 show

Ir was my first trip to Canungra Swap meet, and the Victoria Contingent headed off via Plane and Car to be on the Gold Coast Hinterland for Saturday 16 October 2009.



It was a great trip, I cam away with some needed parts, and I can now rate Bill M's snoring as a 9 out of 10.

See all the Photos


Normandy tour 2009 by Glen Hutchinson

VMVC member #118

Thought this might be interesting for the newsletter. Recently attended the 65th D-day celebrations 2009 in Normandy, which was fantastic.


D Day in the Jeep Normandy, vehicles on the beach at Arromaches

Have attached some photos. Also caught up with some of the guys from the Lang Kidby expedition which I'm sure they will have a lot more stories to tell and photos to see.

I am really appreciating all the ethat you are sending along with the newsletter. It's great keeping up withthe info as we are over here for 12 months and we will be returning home in early Jan 2010.


Vehicle Sitings Found this unusual vehicle at Corowa this year, in a way it was interesting to see an unrestored Seep, given that these days if you could get one it would be showroom perfect. I think the story of this Seep is what military vehicle collecting is all about.


I waited around for the owner but he didn’t show, so here are the details, “you’re right Don’s Duck didn’t evolve. He found it on a farm just out of Deniliquin (around 1953) when delivering ex-PMG poles from a dismantling job he was working on with his dad W.F.Wilson from Warburton. Don cleaned it up and used it as a road vehicle for several years. Made a slew crane to fit on it for salvage work..


It was still in use when he married Iris in 1958 and was used on their Honeymoon. Made water worthy in the 1960’s at Lake Hawthorn, then parked in a salvage yard for 30 years. It took the combined effort of the Wilson clan and friends to get the vehicle ready for the 20th anniversary of the Corowa swim in.”


ffRebuilding a legendDuring a Club meeting, Ray told me the story of a Dodge Command Car that was getting a repo body. Read the story of what two club members are prepared to do to bring back a a legend to life.



Do you Like Jeeps? Not happy just having one military Vehicle in your collection? read about how Gino got around the problem of not having his jeep in his Longe Room.



ffMoving Ray's AmboWell, it was about time. Ray has provided photos of his famed ambo.


have a look at the photo album and let Ray know what you think.





ffThe restoration of a WC-52Darrin W tells the story of finding and resotring his WC-52.

The hunt for the vehicle and parts covered 5 states and two countries.READ MORE