Simpson Barracks Watsonia Visit


We had a bit of luck when Michaels’ son Russell was posted to Watsonia after his tour in the Ghan. Mike was able to persuade him to organize a visit from the club to the 4th/19th Museum located on the base. Members would no doubt be aware that access to any Military base has been severely limited due to the current security environment. In the past visits by the club to the Watsonia wireless museum was fairly regular, but not now.


We had an excellent turn out of members, with twelve vehicles turning up to the event , with a number of members who attended without vehicles, we are always happy to see club members with or without military vehicles. Of course as soon as we arrived the Army gave us a briefing on the do’s and don’ts while on the base.


The men who made it all possible Committee member Mike G. and his son Russell. As well as organizing the event Mick also provided us with a feast fit for a Vikings raiding party with the help of the BBQ Blitz Truck and lots of donations to the BBQ from his work place. Despite providing a gigantic feast the members were able to eat it all, with some help from Army personnel


The first place that we visited was the Prince of Wales Light Horse Museum. This is one of the oldest regiments in the Australian Army and can trace its line back to the 19th Century; its main claim to fame was as a light horse regiment in the First World War, after that conflict it gave up its horses for armor. It has a strong connection to Victoria and is today an Army Reserve Unit. Many members of the VMVC have served in this unit, notably Sgt. John B. who was in charge of their recovery vehicles. The Museum has benefited from the regiments long history as it is stuffed with objects of war notably banners, flags, photos, weapons, souvenirs and pieces of equipment from all the conflicts starting with the Boer War right up to present day conflicts.



Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car
Bushmaster and Guide
Bushmaster Side View
Loading up VMVC members



The base maintenance facilities were in operation during our visit, Diggers made themselves busy maintaining and repairing the Bushmasters which are the main vehicle used by the unit. The mighty BBQ in operation, the club was able to assemble an impressive line up of vehicles. Russell was able to provide a trip in a Bushmaster, ominously the vehicle arrived with a soldier walking in front of it, and all he needed was the red flag. I think this is necessary because of poor driver vision particularly when cornering. Being given a lift in a Bushmaster was areal treat for the members..




Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car
The VMVC vehicles
Nmore VMVC vehicles
Part of the collection






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