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Most “normal” people who have an ex-military vehicle tucked away outside in the garage or shed are usually satisfied with just that, a vehicle that when they get the urge to, they can just wonder out back to the garage open the roller door and there she is, just waiting for the opportunity to once again be taken out of her musty confines to be driven to a club event for the day, basking in the warm sun, then back home again to be lovingly put back to bed so she can rest up for the next event that’s hopefully not to far away, like l said, “most normal people”. But what do you do in-between club events or on those cold rainy winter days when it’s too cold to be in the garage and you want to be with your vehicle?


Gino's Model Collection
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Well In my case, and a few others (hi Dave, this is your fault!!) l needed more. Every now and then when l would be inside nice and warm on a cold and wet winters day watching my favorite episode of the “Rat Patrol” on DVD, and reading “All American Wonder” for the forty first time, I’d get the urge to go out into my cold and Plasma T.V devoid garage to hang around, sit in and just be near my Jeep. But I’d find even the strongest urge to get a Jeep “Fix” wasn’t enough to make me want to take my comfy mocco’s off and slip on the boots to go outside into the cold and rain and negotiate the 5 or 6 meter distance to the entrance of my un heated garage to be close to the Jeep.


I was at a loss, torn between getting cold but being with my Jeep or staying inside nice and cozy and warm without my Jeep! Solution, bring the Jeep inside, Brilliant! But she wont fit…Hang on, how about a smaller version of the Jeep to satisfy my Jeep craving, a model, no not a toy as the missus keeps referring to them, a highly detailed miniaturized, collectable, scaled down version of the real thing!, ok, its sought of a toy, just a bit more expensive,(between you and me),..Problem solved! So l thought.


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With the first purchase of a model jeep l thought yep this will do nicely, whenever l get the urge to be with my Jeep and its too cold to be in the garage, l can take the model one out of its box and have a play with it on the kitchen table, and there’s my Jeep fix for the day, well not to be. You see the little model Jeep’s comes in different colors, markings and sizes, different manufactures, different eras etc etc, so you guessed it l had to have one of each for the collection…(sometimes two) and the rest is history.


Then l needed a display cabinet to put them all in, nothing to big, something that would match the existing décor of the house, well that’s what l told Kathryn anyway…. All was going great, my little collection was growing at a nice but slow rate, and they had their cozy little cabinet to go in, until Graham Jacobs came over one night to have a look and said “Dave Furness has got heaps more models than you”, not to be out done, EBay was enlisted to help me bolster my collection. The world wide search was on for every shape size and color model Jeep and Jeep accessory that l could lay my hands on so they could find their way into the already overflowing display cabinet in the spare room, which only holds a small portion of the collection, the rest is stored away, sought of hidden from Kathryn’s view for now, till l figure out a way to make the cabinet bigger without her realizing, EBay has a lot to answer for!! And Dave…


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It’s been fun and expensive at times, and there’s always the one you haven’t got that needs to be found and added to the collection,” Dave’s got one, so l need to have one too”, that’s what l tell Kathryn to justify my new purchase, oh and now l have the GMC, l need to get a collection of GMC CCKW models happening too! That’s another story, Well l thought that l pretty much had every Jeep model ever made, from Jim Beam whisky decanters to WW2 era balsa wood models and Japanese tin plate models, to the latest Sarge’s from the movie Cars, but you guessed it, I’ve just seen a Jeep l haven’t got in my collection on EBay in Albania! gotta go there’s less than 2 minutes left till auction ends!! And l think Dave’s just outbid me again!

Happy collecting,


Gino Di Tella.
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