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It was a particularly significant year to be at Caulfield, this being the a anniversary of the beginning of the Great War, and the important role that the track played in support of the forces during the war years, both as a recruitment centre a and training ground and as a repatriation faculty for returning diggers.
So it was particularly satisfying that we had such a good turn out of vehicles on the day. If you haven’t attended before its well worth the effort. There is always a good ceremony, this year there was a key note address from the curator of Fort Nepean who spoke upon the first shot of WW 1 . The Army band played particularly well, and their lady signer was top notch.

We parked as always under the grandstands, there was no need for shelter however as once the fog had burnt off it was mostly a fine day. The trip to the track was quite eerie driving in the morning mist, the Monbulk men and women who had came down from the mountains said they battled arctic like conditions to get there.
This was after they had pulled out of the Watsonia trip as they said it was too cold, due to the snow. Where would we have been at the Battle of the Bulge?

Overall lots of members had put in a good deal of effort to bring along a lot interesting range of equipment. Once set up Allan McAlister got to work on the betting, by the end of the day he had accumulated a think roll of Dollar bills in reward for his efforts.
The day passed quickly enough, there was plenty to see and do, as we getting ready to pack up Ted Baileau and his lovely wife paid us a visit and produced numerous photo opportunities.

All in all and good day, lots of different equipment and a good deal of interest from the public through out the day.


Mick helped out again, Caulfield had requested a WW 1 theme, and it’s difficult when there are only a couple of vehicles, so the wagon worked out well, particularly at a racetrack. If you have similar don’t be shy, mounting them on a trailer is a easy way to show your collection, it eliminates a lot of man handling, and it’s up high for the public to see.



Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car
WW1 Mine Vehicle
Weapons collection
20mm Polsten Gun



New member to the club is Stephen Hands; I first met Stephens at Australia Day where I spotted his vehicle, a mine truck. How could you miss it? I asked him to attend club events as a favor to us when a WW 1 theme vehicle had been requested. He has been so happy with us that he joined the club.


Alf left Clyde at home but brought along his collection of replica weapons, all safely padlocked to the vehicle. Looks a lot better than another empty Jeep.


I brought along my 20 mm Polsten gun, a great conversation piece with members of the public, particularly when they find out that it was made by Holden in Adelaide.




Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car Dodge Command Car
The VMVC vehicles on display - HUMVEE
Honour Guard
John defending the collection






You can contact the owners via the Webmaster of VMVC.